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Class of the Titans: 2x17

Cronus 2.0

Jay has been feeling the strain of being a leader lately, and he’s fighting emotional stress. After flipping out at her when she beats him at chess, Theresa demands to know what’s wrong. He tells her about how it’s all so hard, and she tells him not to worry, because there are six heroes to watch his back, so he’s never alone. She advises him to take a break,and maybe go sailing. But it’s her who starts to brood when Odie and Jay make a robot version of Cronus, who can memorize their movements and who’s controlled by remote.At least, for a little while. It proves to have a few defaults when he nearly crushes Theresa’s hand, so Odie designs some new safeguards. Theresa tells Jay of her worries, but he waves them off, having finally relaxed enough to take her advice and go sailing. But when Odie, Archie, Neil, and Atlanta are heading to the secret wing of the school to install the new safeguards in Cronus 2.0, they realize that their robot has left the training grounds… with Theresa! Now he’s using her as bait to pull the heroes into a game, and a deadly one, especially since their only hope to defeat him is to draw out the real Cronus himself…

Class of the Titans: S2E17
Apr. 27, 2003