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Golgo 13: 1x37

Christmas 24 Hours

Golgo 13 arrives at a hotel for Christmas but immediately falls under the suspicion of Dahl, the hotel detective that has heard about a recent spate of local crimes. When a known pickpocket tries his luck on Golgo he is caught and handed over to Dahl to deal with him. The pickpocket informs Dahl that he felt a gun on Golgo and so she decides to pay him a visit. She realizes that Golgo is not responsible for any of the local crimes but knows he’s a professional there to do a job. Meanwhile Tommy Nabarro, a syndicate under-boss, is bailed. A policeman informs Dahl that Nabarro is staying in her hotel but he is to be assassinated as he knows about various crimes committed as well as a link between the syndicate and a senator. As Nabarro leaves the hotel on Christmas day Golgo causes him to turn around before sniping him from his room, so it appears that the shooter was at street level. Golgo checks out the hotel and walks past Dahl who is grateful that Nabarro was killed outside the hotel.

Golgo 13: S1E37
Dec. 20, 2008