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Iron Man: 1x10

Iron Will

Yinsen forces Chika to work on the arc reactor, before making his demands for the dissolution of the Armed Forces and National Diet. Nanami attempts to escape the hostage situation but is caught and thrown into a storage room. Tony is rescued by Sakurai and tries to contact Chika, but she is caught by Yinsen and throw into storage with Nanami. Meanwhile, the Defense Secretary Kuroda offers to be held captive in place of the hostages. As Chika and Nanami go through an air duct and retrieve Tony’s armor, Tony and Sakurai are attacked by the Zodiac Saggitarius. Nanami gets the armor to Tony so he can defeat Sagittarius, before facing off against Yinsen. Just as Iron Man starts to get the upper hand when Yinsen hesitates attacking in front of Chika, someone overrides the Sigmas and attacks them both, with Yinsen getting critically wounded. Yinsen warns Tony that Zodiac’s plan has just started.

Iron Man: S1E10
Dec. 03, 2010