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Iron Man: 1x2

Find the Missing Nuke

A shipment of plutonium is stolen, leading Tony to be accused of smuggling nuclear materials into Japan and having to give a statement before the Diet of Japan. In order to get away from the press, Tony hitches a ride with a reporter he had previously met, Nanami Ōta. Whilst investigating the ship where the plutonium was being transported, Iron Man encounters another Zodiac warrior, Cancer. Tony locates the culprits and drives them towards a security checkpoint, but he is blocked off by a self-proclaimed good samaritan named Nagato Sakurai. Nanami mixes her camera with the plutonium the culprits were carrying and is chased by an armored tank equipped with stealth camouflage. After Sakurai helps Iron Man deal with the tank, Iron Man faces off against Cancer again and defeats him. Tony’s name is cleared and Nanami was able to write a good article.

Iron Man: S1E2
Oct. 08, 2010