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X-Men: 1x4

Transformation - Secondary Mutation

Emma’s desire to protect Hisako causes her to develop a secondary mutation protecting them from the attack, whilst the other X-Men kill the attacking U-Man. After Hisako is reunited with her parents, she and Emma agree to go to the Xavier Institute to receive a vaccine to prevent ‘David Haller Syndrome’ in secondary mutations. En route back to New York, the Blackbird is attacked by a mutant suffering from DHS which Wolverine defeats. Emma recognizes him as a student from the Inner Circle’s preparatory school. Upon returning to the Institute, Beast tries to investigate the boy’s condition, but he shrivels up and dies. Beast concludes that the cause of his secondary mutation was not due to experimentation but some other stimulus. As Beast performs checks on Emma, Xavier reveals Cerebro is still being blocked from Tōhoku. With Emma’s secondary mutation on the same level as the boy, though hers is deemed harmless, Xavier suspects something is still going on in Tōhoku which is causing these mutations.

X-Men: S1E4
Apr. 22, 2011